“When Beers and Bands Collide”
Sabertooth Collaboration Beer Tasting

We were inspired by the way brewing often intersects with music, and the way that music often intersects with beer! Embracing this collaborative spirit, we’ve paired McMenamins brewers with musicians playing the Annual Sabertooth Micro Fest to brew a beer and utilize the perfect occasion and optimal venue to showcase their specialties. Some musicians have requested a particular beer style, or relied on the brewer to listen to the band’s music and see what inspiration strikes. A few of the bands will even be present for the brew, adding a certain quintessence that only this kind of partnership can generate. From Session Ale to Stout, each of these beers will offer insight into the varying psyches of the creators, and they’re available for one night only! Choose your own adventure with one of two packages below:

The half-day Black Light Special pass includes entry from 3 – 7 pm*, access to the Sabertooth Collaboration Beer Tasting along with 5 tastings to sample your choice of the collaboration ales, access to our curated market vendors and performances in Lola's Room and The Ballroom until 7 pm. Additional tastings are available for purchase. | $10

The full day Melvins Pass includes entry at 3 pm, a collectable Sabertooth pint glass that unlocks $5 pints all over the Crystal Ballroom property, access to the Sabertooth Collaboration Beer Tasting along with 10 tastings to sample each of the available collaborations, shop our specialized vendors and catch performances in Lola's Room and The Crystal Ballroom all day and night. | $30

Enjoy each of these divergent creations as you listen to the bands that inspired, or even brewed, the beer.


*Upgrades will be available to purchase on-site for half-day ticket holders should you decide you would like to stay past 7 pm for $20, this option does not include the collectable Sabertooth Pint Glass, limited quantity available.

Khôrada: https://khorada.bandcamp.com/
Hillsdale Brewer Jenni Augello

Freebase Hyperspace: https://freebasehyperspace.bandcamp.com/
East Vancouver Brewer Tega Chijavadze

Year of the Cobra: https://yearofthecobra.bandcamp.com/
Highland Brewer Tucker English


Eye of Nix: https://www.facebook.com/pg/EYEOFNIX/

High Street Brewer Hanns Anderson

Holy Grove: https://holygrove.bandcamp.com/
High Street Brewer Hanns Anderson

Wizard Rifle: https://wizardrifle.bandcamp.com/  
Edgefield Brewers Will Gaither, Shane Kono, Stacy Clark & Bryan Delfino


Hound the Wolves: https://houndthewolves.bandcamp.com/
Crystal Brewer Stephen Harper


Eight Bells https://eightbells.bandcamp.com/

Corvallis Brewer Kody Green



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